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JOLI Medispa is led by an award-winning team of cosmetic providers with over 35 years of medical expertise. We take pride in providing an exceptional experience for each client. We enhance your natural beauty through customized treatment plans that address the root cause of aging, such as the loss of collagen and elastin, rather than just the symptoms.

The JOLI aesthetic team in Covington and Mandeville, offers advanced aesthetic treatments and expertise in a comfortable atmosphere. We offer consultations to properly advise, educate, and reassure our patients, forming an aesthetic partnership right from the start. Our medical professionals have extensive experience, credentials, medical education, and training.

JOLI Medispa combines the science of cosmetic medicine with artistry. Our cosmetic injectors have keen artistic sensibilities, making them uniquely skilled at elevating your natural beauty while concealing their hand. In short, JOLI patients can be assured of stunning, dramatic results that display no signs of cosmetic work or manipulation.

Our comprehensive, science-backed, artistic, and personalized approach to cosmetic care has made us the #1 provider on the Northshore.

We invite you to enjoy the JOLI experience!