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Discover the transformative U-Shot at JOLI Medispa, a breakthrough non-surgical treatment that alleviates urinary incontinence in Covington and improves sexual vitality. Regain control, confidence, and comfort through this innovative procedure that relies on natural stem cells drawn from your body. Revitalize your sexual and intimate health with the U-Shot in Covington, LA.

What is the U-Shot?

The U-Shot is a cutting-edge medical procedure designed to address various intimate concerns in women, including urinary incontinence. Using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin (PRF) extracted from the patient’s blood, the U-Shot is injected into specific areas of the vagina and clitoris to rejuvenate and enhance tissue function. By promoting collagen growth and stimulating blood flow, the U-Shot can improve bladder control and heightened sexual pleasure. This non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment offers women a chance to reclaim their intimate well-being.

U-Shot Treats…

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Reduced sexual arousal
  • Postpartum issues
  • Painful intercourse
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Orgasmic difficulties

To learn more about how the U- shot can help with sexual wellness in Covington, contact us today for an appointment.

Understanding Urge & Stress Incontinence

Urge and stress incontinence are two common types of urinary incontinence affecting women. Stress incontinence occurs when physical activities, such as sneezing, laughing, or exercising, put pressure on the bladder, leading to unintentional urine leakage. On the other hand, urge incontinence involves a sudden and intense urge to urinate, often resulting in leaks before reaching a restroom. The U-Shot is a powerful solution for both types of incontinence.

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Treating the Root Cause of Urinary Incontinence

The U-Shot targets the root cause of urinary incontinence through its regenerative properties. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin (PRF), obtained from the patient’s blood contains essential growth factors and cytokines. When injected into the targeted areas, PRP and PRF stimulate tissue repair and regeneration, promoting collagen synthesis and vascularization. This process strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, enhances bladder control, and improves the structural integrity of the surrounding tissues, addressing the underlying issues leading to urinary incontinence in Covington.

Boost Sexual Vitality With The U-Shot

By utilizing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin (PRF) to activate the body’s natural healing processes, the U-Shot enhances blood flow, tissue sensitivity, and nerve function in the genital area. This leads to increased arousal, lubrication, and heightened sexual pleasure. Moreover, the U-Shot’s regenerative effects contribute to vaginal rejuvenation, reducing discomfort during intercourse and addressing other intimate concerns. Experience a revitalized and fulfilling sexual experience with the transformative power of the U-Shot.

The Treatment & Recovery Process

The U-Shot process begins with a consultation at JOLI Medispa. Once you’re comfortable with the procedure, a small amount of blood is drawn from your arm. The blood is then processed to extract platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin (PRF). Next, a numbing cream is applied to the vaginal tissues to ensure minimal discomfort. The PRP and PRF is carefully injected into specific regions of your genital area, including the vaginal wall, clitoris, and urethra, to stimulate tissue regeneration and improve blood flow. The process is quick, safe, and comfortable and can help with sexual wellness in Covington.

  • Side Effects: While the U-Shot is considered safe, minor side effects may occur. These can include temporary redness, swelling, or sensitivity at the injection site. In rare cases, bruising or infection may occur. However, such effects usually subside within a few days.
  • Downtime: With minimal downtime, the U-Shot allows you to resume regular activities soon after the procedure. However, you should avoid sexual intercourse and strenuous workouts for a day or two. Following our post-procedure guidelines ensures optimal results.
  • Onset of Results: The onset of U-Shot results varies among individuals, but many experience noticeable improvements within a few weeks. You’ll gradually observe enhanced bladder control, reduced urinary incontinence, and improved sexual vitality. Full results manifest within a few months.
  • Longevity: The longevity of U-Shot results can vary from person to person. While some individuals may enjoy benefits for several months, others may experience long-lasting effects for up to a year or more. Periodic maintenance sessions can help extend the benefits.

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JOLI Medispa invites you to schedule a consultation with our experienced cosmetic providers. With a remarkable 100% success rate, the U-Shot offers numerous benefits, including correcting urinary incontinence in Covington as well as enhancing sexual arousal, lubrication, and vaginal orgasms. Experience a transformative journey as the U-Shot stimulates rejuvenated tissue growth, providing vital support for the bladder and urethra. Contact us now to explore the life-changing potential of the U-Shot in Covington, LA.